Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thanks, internet.

Jesus wept, I was lying there in bed waiting for the Sunday morning grownup shows to come on TV, surfing a forum on the tablet, and I've already got so much ‪#‎sheepdog‬ and ‪#‎fitandfinish‬ derp all over me that I've completely lost heart about going back to the fun show to pick up some more .32 Magnum ammo later today. Some Cletus in the aisle would make a comment about racking a shotgun to scare burglars off or flashlights giving away your position* and I would just completely lose my $#!+, which I had just succeeded in getting back together into a tiny little ball after a deadline.

Thanks, internet, for ruining my plans for the day; now I'm just gonna drink beer and bitch on the Facebook.

At least I have the ammo guy's phone number so I can get the hookup for a weekday face-to-face delivery.

*No kidding, Bobbi and I walked past this couple of guys yesterday, and Jasper was earnestly explaining to Cletus about lasers giving away his position. "Did you hear that?" I asked Bobbi, "He was saying that if Sumdood used a gun with a laser on it, he'd..."

"Go hand-over-hand back up the beam and stab him with his ninja knife?"