Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Future Is Now Then!

Typing up the opening pages for what I intended to be a near-future cyberpunk-esque thriller back at the turn of the millennium, I had the protagonist's boss driving "one of those thunderously gauche new Cadillac two seaters, all slabs and angles."

The Allanté at the time being seven years in the grave, I was postulating that something might come of Cadillac's Evoq concept car, which was then making the auto show circuit.

Cadillac chickened out of the XLR 8 nameplate at the last minute, I bet.
Something did, of course: The XLR, Cadillac's Y-body Corvette stablemate. Sadly, it only lasted five model years and is now a half decade in the grave itself, just one of several details that will need fixing if I ever decide to dust that story idea off and keep it near future instead of recent past.