Monday, September 07, 2015

Lebber's Day.

Here at the free ice cream store, We Open Lebber's Day. But not 'til later.

I've guilted myself out of bed, reluctantly, and I'm off for cat litter, soda pop, beer, and those new Hillshire Farms grownup Lunchables.

(You know Lunchables, right? The little Oscar Mayer snack packets like trailer park bento boxes with dreadful little slices of pressed turkey or ham and yellow-flavored pasteurized cheese food product? Hillshire Farms is doing grownup ones with gouda and wine-infused salame and crostini. It's well-brand cheese and cold cuts still, but in general I approve.)

Anyhow, when I get back from the store I have to clean guns and take some pictures and write stuff for you guys.