Friday, September 04, 2015

Stop Touching It!, Part #549,732

One thing that confounds me: I mention that I have thus-and-such feature on the sidearm on my belt. I perhaps sweep my shirttail to the side to illustrate.

The other person asks me to pull my heater out so they can see. I tell them I'd really rather not engage in finger-banging loaded sidearms just any old where and we should go someplace where there's a safe backstop if I'm gonna pull out my gat and clear it for show and tell.

It is at that point the person to whom I'm talking takes one or two big steps back and says "Go 'head and pull it out!"

Buddy, all those two steps do is add a thousandth of a second between the "OWWW!" and the "Oh, $#!+, I'm sorry!" How 'bout we just leave the gun in the holster where it won't hurt nobody?