Monday, September 21, 2015

Seven Hundred

I love working at an indoor range so close to my house. It's so close that on workdays the total elapsed time from the when I stand up from my desk in the office at home 'til I'm clocking in at work is about eight minutes. Ten if I catch the one red light between here and there.

This morning I made use of its proximity by grabbing a couple boxes of Lucky Gunner's .45ACP ammo and ducking out the door for a quick hundred round Sunday morning range session.

I used the first fifty round box to shoot the second clean Dot Torture drill I've ever done. (The first was with the P320.)

Can't go from the leather on this range, so it was from low ready instead of the holster, but my bugaboo is the SHO/WHO on dots 5 and 8 and not the holster work, anyway. I've reached a point where I'm shooting pretty consistent 48s and 49s both from the draw and from low ready with my M&Ps and G19.

Then I flipped the target and ran it out to 21 feet to shoot up the other box of PMC Bronze.

This brings the total rounds fired to 700 since the weapon was last cleaned or lubricated with one failure to go into battery on round #356 and a failure to feed on round #513. 1,300 rounds to go.