Thursday, September 24, 2015


I went out on the range after I clocked out and put another hundred rounds through the CCA gun yesterday. Fifty rounds of Lucky Gunner's PMC Bronze and fifty of Sig's new domestically-produced 230gr FMJ, courtesy of Sig Sauer.

The CCA gun has a snug but smooth frame to slide fit, but the barrel lug fit is as tight as any I've felt. You can feel the lugs pop free of the mortises in the slide as you work the action, and it's drier than a popcorn fart in there now. I really should have scrubbed that area and lubed it heavily before starting this. As it is, we're probably into territory where those lugs are taking a beating. As I wrote on Facebook, "I'm worried about doing permanent damage to the lockup of a bespoke gun that means quite a bit to me in order to prove nothing to the internet."

I've got a couple pistolsmiths willing to fit a new barrel if this does leave the lockup all ganked and as sloppy as, say, a factory Colt or Kimber. I dunno, though; I'm at least going to want to detail strip it and look at the lugs closely.

100 rounds at 21 feet.
Anyhow, a hundred rounds yesterday. Round number eighty-five of the day (#1,085 of the test) didn't go completely into batteryand was resolved with a push of the thumb.

This brings the total rounds fired to 1,100 since the weapon was last cleaned or lubricated, with two failures to go into battery (rounds #356 and #1,085), a failure to feed on round #513, a failure to feed a round of Hornady Critical Duty +P on round #927, and a failure to eject a round of Hornady Critical Duty +P on round #930. 900 rounds to go.