Saturday, September 26, 2015

This probably makes me a bad person...

Got off work last night and ran home to get something for the gunsmith at the new shop. He's still getting settled in and doesn't yet have a full suite of tools and suchlike. In this case, a range rod stiffer than a fiberglass Dewey was called for, and so I ran home to grab a cleaning rod out of one of my Mosins.

That poor AK... I told the owner (one of my coworkers) that even if the case came out that easily, he likely wouldn't be winning any benchrest competitions with the thing after this.

Anyhow, when I got back to the range with the cleaning rod, three young guys were getting ready to go out onto the pistol range. They were Latino dudes and there was a fair bit of machismo in the air as they selected their zombie targets and headed out to the range to air them out with Glocks. The results were the usual shotgun pattern of holes all over the target at 25 feet.

I had the Springfield Pro with me and so I went out to the next lane over to do my daily shootin'. Not gonna lie, I took a bit of pride in the reaction caused by drilling a ragged hole in the X-ring.