Saturday, September 19, 2015


So, I had an idea that might fix the FNX-45 Tactical's problem with intermittent failures to eject on the last couple rounds in the mag: Clamp a few extra ounces of weight to the frame:

Fifty rounds, loading five or ten at a time and holding the gun lightly in an attempt to induce a limp-wrist, and the gun ran fine with the Uboat attached to the rail. Plus, I now have the industry standard in pistol lights on the gat. It's enough to make me wish I still believed in that ol' .45 voodoo.

Who sells kydex holsters for an FNX-45 Tactical with a mounted RMR and an X300U and can deliver inside two weeks or so? I've got a place I'm going where this gun would be perfect. Email me if you've got a source.