Saturday, April 21, 2018

Official (and unofficial) 2k tests underway.

So, the 4046 has, judging from the appearance of the internals, hardly been fired. An extremely low-mileage gat with a born-on date in April of 2006 is about as close as I'm likely to get for a New-In-Box Smith & Wesson 3rd Gen auto to run through the usual 2k test.

The 5906, on the other hand, shows evidence of a reasonable amount of use, so while I'll do the 2,000 round thing with it, too, I'll be bearing its age in mind if anything should go south. The 5906 test should probably be considered to have a big asterisk.

With that in mind, I ordered up some 250 rounds of 165gr Speer Lawman from Lucky Gunner this past week, lubed both guns up with some Liberty gun oil, and headed off to Indy Arms Co to get this party started.

The 4046 was slow-fire at the 3x5 box from seven yards, trying to get the feel for the gun's trigger. The 5906, on the other hand, I was trying to run as fast as I could at the 8" circle from 7 yards. That one way low and slightly right and the one high and left where where I was caught off guard by the DA/SA transition.

The first range session was fifty rounds through each of the guns while the second was just a quick pop-in at the range for fifty more through the 4046.

This session I tried to work up some speed with the DAO trigger on the 4046, doing failure drills at seven yards.

So far, so good. Neither gun has experienced any problems. The 5906 has 50 rounds through it and the 4046 has 100.