Thursday, April 05, 2018

Same planet, different worlds...

So, this morning I'm idly perusing Facebook on my iPad. A bunch of my conservative friends...the ones who frequently go on at length about how they distrust (and therefore never watch) Mainstream Media...are going on at length about "Oh, see how quickly the YouTube shooter has just dropped off the radar of the MSM? She doesn't fit their narrative, so she's not even news anymore!"

So I snapped a pic of the TV screen so I could transmit the news from Planet Earth to the denizens of Planet Limbaugh:

Folks, on my planet, if you're the third story of the morning on national network news, before the first commercial break, that's the equivalent of being above the fold on the front page of the newspaper. That is most definitely "in the news".

If you're going to talk about what is and isn't "in the news", you gotta watch the news. Don't wait for Rush to tell you what is or isn't "in the news".

Now, I will say that the only reason this shooting made the news at all was because of when and where it occurred. "Three wounded in shooting" wouldn't necessarily have been the top local news story if it had happened at 3AM at 30th & Ruckle. It would hardly rate a mention if it had occurred in a laundromat on the south side of Chicago.