Monday, April 30, 2018


Seen in the parking lot at the Peru Hamfest this past weekend. I quipped to Bobbi that there were only three in there when he first dropped the tailgate.

I wonder how many extraneous CRT's are in the attic? I mean, I want to save the NeXT and I know there's one little 14" Mac color monitor, and there's a 9" green screen Apple that goes with the IIc, but there are probably one or two 17" generic CRT's up there, Viewsonics or the like, that are mine. Probably one or two of Bobbi's two.

Heck, there's probably my first round or two of LCD screens, too. All that stuff is, essentially, garbage now.

It's a weird side effect of not wanting to throw away something that works and then, by the time it's depreciated to zero, we're living in a day and age where there's a city ordinance banning throwing away electronics. I wouldn't have any fear of slipping a dead calculator or clock radio in with the coffee grounds, but a 17" CRT is the sort of thing that could trigger an incident if Officer Obie finds it next to my junk mail at the bottom of a pile of garbage.