Friday, April 27, 2018

Sunny Range Day

First nice outdoor sunny range day in a long time on Thursday. I tagged along to ACC with Mike Grasso, since he had to sight in some pistols with slide-mounted MRDS. I figured to grind out another hundred rounds apiece through the 4046 and 5906.

The 4046 is growing on me, perversely.

This is the end result of two hundred and fifty rounds of Speer 165gr Lawman FMJ through the 4046. Note how much cleaner it is than the CCI Blazer Brass residue on the Model 5906 below.

Also note that two of my three magazines for the 4046 have the later blue follower, while one is older and has the original yellow follower. The blue follower mags are likely the ones that were original to the gun. Getting the eleventh round in them still pretty much requires me to use an UpLULA, and it kinda helps with the tenth.

Notice how vile the residue of only three hundred rounds of 124gr FMJ Blazer has left the snout of the Model 5906.

I was able to do pretty good work with the trigger on the 4046 by now. That's a hundred rounds in the head of the target, somewhere between seven and ten yards. The trigger is heavy, but the travel is short for a DA trigger, and I pretty much got the hang of prepping it in recoil so that it was ready to fire as soon as the sights settled.

Neither gun experienced any malfunctions of any type.

This brings the total rounds fired through the 5906 to 300, with no malfunctions of any type to report. 1700 rounds to go.

This brings the total rounds fired through the 4046 to 250, with no malfunctions of any type to report. 1750 rounds to go.