Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Monday morning saw me at Indy Arms Co with the two Smiths, looking to move the round count ball downfield a little more.

The 5906 was fired at the upper 3x5" zone. I decocked on loading and any time I came off the sights at the end of a string. The DA trigger is easy to manage, but the SA takes some getting used to, because there's a long-ish almost weightless takeup and then a light-but-crunchy break.

The 4046 was shot at the 8" circle about as fast as I can run that trigger so far. The DAO on the Smith is not like the regular DA trigger. The travel is much shorter, and it's heavier, but there's zero stacking and a nice rolling break at the end. You just have to remember to shoot it like a revolver, and let it reset itself during recoil.

Both guns went through another fifty rounds with no problems, which brings the 5906 round count to 100 and the 4046 to 150.