Thursday, May 17, 2018

Fun Fact...

It's really cool having an Introductory Self-Defense Shotgun class at your local indoor range. Especially when it's a quick intro 4-hr class that runs from 6-10PM, and you can jet over there in five minutes from your house.

The downside is that, like all classes involving multiple people, it's gonna run a little over. It doesn't help that I hung out a little to gab and stuff, but for a host of good reasons, I arrived home at close to eleven PM having put quite a few rounds through the tubular repeating claymore over the last hour.

Firing a box of birdshot and some serious social loads in a class environment will get the adrenaline going, and make it hard to lay down for a good night's sleep immediately on arriving home.

A detailed writeup will have to wait for later, but here's my favorite picture from the ones I've curated so far...

A fellow student...and one of my coworkers from when I worked at putting a borrowed 20ga Remington 1100 through its paces.