Friday, May 25, 2018

So over this.

On the one hand, I separated the fracture twice again today. Once trying to use a keyboard at my normal keyboard height and again cleaning up a ******* cat turd on the floor. I don't have the energy to try to put it back together again.

On the other hand, I'm only on ibuprofen today, because I've been trying to stretch the three day's supply of hydrocodone I was prescribed so it will last the week and a half until I see the osteopath to find out if it can be set or if I'm going to need surgery or what. I figure it's best used to make sure I can fall asleep, and so during the day I just rub some Vitamin I in it and walk it off.

On the gripping hand, the lawnmower dude still hasn't shown.

I've had better days, y'all, not gonna lie.