Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Life Expectancies...

Over at Misfires & Light Strikes, Kevin is nearing the finish line of his 2,000-rd test of the Ruger LCP 2. He observes that all was pretty much well in LCP land up until about the 500-rd mark, and then the problems started occurring.

Similarly, when I was shooting the BG380, things went swimmingly up until 800 or so rounds when the light strikes started rearing their ugly heads. (I'll note, however, that when I called the test at 1,335 rounds, the gun hadn't had any failures to feed, extract, or eject.)

One thing with these little pistols is that the mainspring serves as a major component of the recoil system right along with the recoil spring.

And when you ask companies about recommended maintenance/replacement intervals on guns like the LCP or BG380, they look like you like you’ve sprouted a second head growing out of your shoulder. The vast majority of these little things are unlikely to see more than a box or two of ammo in their lives.

I wanna say that I recall hearing that LAPD armorers recommend swapping recoil and mainsprings on issue BG380 backup guns every 250 or 300 rounds.