Sunday, May 20, 2018

Technical Difficulties...

So, I stayed up a little later than planned last night. My rationale was that I'd already blown off my intended bedtime of 11:30 and so I'd just stay up and surf the intertubes for another 45 minutes or so until my phone finished charging.

Apparently I nodded off at my desk and, when I slipped from REM into deep sleep, I also fell out of my chair. I must have hit the hardwood floor right on the point of my shoulder, because I broke my left collarbone pretty good.

Well, this puts paid to my planned trip to gun school with Gabe White in Columbia, MO. It's gonna ding my pistol shooting for the next month or two as well.

I see that my roommate lit the Beacons of Gondor while I was at the hospital or was sitting on the couch in an opioid stupor. I didn't know she'd done that, but it was a welcome surprise. Thank you so much to all who responded.

And thank heavens for this little flyweight wireless keyboard in my lap so that I can continue to type two-handed.