Sunday, May 13, 2018

This is what I was looking for...

The original a7 takes great pictures, but the polycarbonate body just wasn't doing it for me. The a7 II has a magnesium shell that feels more camera-y, as well as 5-axis in-body stabilization.

So the a7 II will be my main work camera with the a7 serving as the backup. Hopefully between now and SHOT next year I'll get a full-frame macro lens and then I won't have to take a Micro 4/3 body to Vegas with me other than the Lumix GF3 that lives in my shirt pocket.

Currently I'm camera bag shopping. The Hazard4 Photo Recon is a great camera bag but it doesn't hold a laptop, and the Maxpedition Testudo is a great laptop bag, but it doesn't hold a camera. If I'm going someplace for a couple weeks, like New Hampshire or New Mexico, it's not a big deal because they're both carry-ons and I don't really need to haul both laptop and camera around while I'm there. At home...or at SHOT &'d be nice to be able to take the MB Air and camera kit with me while I'm on walkabout.