Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Outside Commentary on the "Abolish MPD" Movement

There's a lot of Big Rock Candy Mountain fantasizing going on with this "abolish the Minneapolis Police Department" idiocy...

Annette Evans of On Her Own noted that this is:
"The drive to feel safe without considering being safe, on a societal scale."
Which is spot on. It's the politico-legal equivalent of keys between your fingers.

Another friend offered an astute observation:
The homogeneity of the Minneapolis government surprised me. The very same individuals who have been selling themselves as extra-full of compassion and antiracism have also been personally and exclusively in charge of the MPD for the last twenty years. And now they are acting as though it's some sort of invasive species they have never seen before and are shocked, shocked I tell you, to suddenly observe it in their midst unbidden.

They can disband the MPD all they want, they still made it themselves.

It's like "My car, with me in the driver's seat, just ran a red light and hit the school bus? Naughty car! I'll just trade that thing in right away!"