Monday, June 22, 2020

Front Porch Safari

Lightly cropped from the original

I've been wanting to get shots of a chipmunk for a while, but the little critters are so wary and so fast. Normally just the act of turning your head to look at one will send it streaking into the nearest concealment at top speed. They're like quantum squirrels: The act of observing them alters their velocity and position.

Yesterday's front porch safari with the 5DS and 100-400 glass finally paid off. It was raining and one settled in on the neighbor's front porch to enjoy a snack. I brought the camera to my eye slowly while looking away from it then turned my head. As I suspected, it didn't panic over a camera lens the way it would over a pair of eyeballs. The minute I lowered the camera, it scarpered.

Screen grab off a 100% crop in p-shop.