Friday, June 19, 2020

Fight Club

Now this is pretty hardcore:
"She awoke to the sound of a bear approaching her," Foy said. "It immediately attacked."

The bear scratched the young woman's arms and legs, but then it began to bite her leg. Her wounds were not life-threatening.

"The only weapon she had was her laptop. She hit the bear with it and stunned it long enough to escape inside the house," Foy said.

"She fought back vigorously, which is what you should do with any wildlife in California.
What laptop for bear? This is where you'd want a good, solid 15"-17" gaming laptop with a hefty battery, and not some flimsy little 13" airweight glorified tablet with a keyboard.


(Sorry, about the above string of nonsense characters. Holden leapt onto the keyboard while I'd stepped away for a moment. Although I note he closed his brackets, which makes him a more fastidious typist than the average denizen of social media these days.)