Monday, February 08, 2021

Judgy Squirrel

He was in the tree immediately to my left and barely over head level. The problem was that I had a 28-70mm f/2.8L on the camera, which is hardly wildlife glass.

I had to walk along the sidewalk slowly, not looking at the squirrel, and bring the camera to my eye before very casually pointing it in his direction.

Squirrels know eyes: A pair of forward-facing eyes pointing right at them screams "predator!" and the little critter would have scooted around to the other side of the trunk and on up the tree. 

Squirrels don't, however, know what a camera is. We had a very "ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal"* situation going on. As long as he couldn't see me looking at him, he was wary, but not panicking.

When I cautiously lowered the camera and exposed my eyes, up the tree he went.

*If you haven't read Hitchhiker's Guide, why not?