Sunday, February 07, 2021

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #197...

You know what nobody seems to make? Reproductions of the rather distinctive .22/.32 Heavy-Frame Target stocks.

Since target revolvers were shot single-action, these add a little more space around the backstrap to better position the thumb and trigger finger for that style of shooting. Real original .22/.32 target stocks, almost always (and usually incorrectly) referred to as "Bekeart grips", bring hundreds of dollars on auction sites and, frankly, I just don't want them on this gun that badly. It's been rebarreled, with the barrel shortened on top of it.

I may just roll with it and get some more modern "boot grip"-style stocks that fill in the sinus (the space behind the trigger guard) and better position the trigger finger for double-action shooting, which is generally how I shoot double action wheelguns anyway.