Friday, February 19, 2021

Plowing has happened.

We got enough snow at once for the city to activate the small army of contractors to clear the side streets. (Indy DPW only does the major streets, which means unless there's a big snowfall, we have to slip'n'slide our way to 54th Street or College Avenue before we get to cleared pavement.)

Yesterday around lunch there was a Suburban with a plow blade clearing the street in front of Roseholme Cottage. The same neighbor with the snowthrower from the other day went out and did the walks on both sides of our street, and the Democrat Next Door called us to let us know she'd paid for a plow to do the alley. 

So that's pretty much the end of the Z3 being stranded for Snowpocalypse '21, aside from maybe a little shovel work right around the garage. Which...I mean, there's no place I really have to drive for the next couple days, anyway, so I'll probably let Mother Nature do her work and take the car out Monday. Being able to walk to the store is nice.

Oh, and it looks like the Monon Trail has been mostly cleared, too...