Monday, February 01, 2021

Then and Now

An early postwar (1948) advertisement for short-barreled Smith & Wessons offered for "personal protection, undercover, and combat" use.

Interesting that you could buy three Terriers or two M&P snubbies for the price of a single 3.5" .357 Magnum back then. Looking at most inflation calculators, that Magnum went for a little over a grand in 2021 dollars, which put the Terrier and M&P at around tree-fitty and five bills, respectively. As the saying goes, "In 1873, you could buy a shiny new Single Action Army for a $20 gold piece. In 2021, you still can."

The bluing on those old Magnums, before Bangor Punta went cost-cutting, was incredible, like a "wet-look" wax job on a car.

Also of interest is the notice across the bottom of the advertisement that the Safety Hammerless models had been discontinued. The last of the top-breaks never came back after the war.


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