Saturday, June 05, 2021

Range day yesterday...

I took the .38/32 Terrier to Indy Arms Co yesterday. It was my first time shooting indoors there since probably April of last year. Bobbi had spotted me a couple boxes of .38 S&W out of her stash of Enfield fodder (one Magtech and one PPU) and Chris at Lucky Gunner found a box of Fiocchi that had, I don't know, fallen down in the sofa cushions or been used to prop up a wobbly table leg. I also had eight rounds of Winchester LRN left in a box in the attic.

I'd already done some chrono testing, and that'll go up at the Patreon site today or tomorrow. Yesterday I wound up limiting myself to using up the last of the Winchester and the PPU, all in double-action work at five yards.

This may have been the first time anyone's ever shot a Modern Samurai Project target with a .38/32 Terrier. (I'd just got the targets in from an order the other day, so it's what was handy.)

With the original "splinter" stocks and nothing filling in the sinus behind the trigger guard*, fast double-action work is hard and will challenge your skills. You can see that I'm tending to shade to the left and a bit low even at only five yards. 

I could put a more modern set of stocks on this, but I think I'll go with a grip adaptor. If I can't scare up a Tyler T-grip in the attic, I'll have to be off to the internet.

*Chris has a good explanation in this piece.