Thursday, June 24, 2021

Pistol is Not Fine

No it's not. Put an optic on that thing.

There is a certain subset of far Left gun nerds that are so into their Tankie* LARP** that they insist that the firearms produced by glorious socialist people's arms factories are perfection and anything to the contrary is capitalist propaganda.

I don't know if the Redditor who made this piece is one of those, or just a garden variety Makarov fanboi...

Look, there was a time back in the late Nineties when a surplus Mak stuffed with Hornady XTPs was absolutely the best hunnerd dollar CCW gun you could get, but a three hundred dollar Mak in a world where Shields go for two-fitty? That is straight up dumb.

That Being Said™, those translucent grips are hawt and if I had a Mak just lying around, the temptation to do it up like the one in the picture would be mighty. Except mine would get real sights and not have the painted hammer & sickle, which is every bit as gross as a swastika.

*For the unhip: Tankie
**For the unhip: LARP