Friday, June 04, 2021

Negative Outcomes

Claude Werner, the Tactical Professor, has a couple more unfortunate lessons for his collection of serious mistakes gun owners make:
Deadly Conduct and Attempted Murder
Those are the charges in two incidents where Negative Outcomes resulted from gunfire. Both situations occurred when people thought they were making good decisions about employing a firearm for Personal Protection but the legal system doesn’t agree.
In one case, we have a person whose sole and only plan for trouble seems to have been going to guns, without a serious assessment of its appropriateness or her own personal abilities. In the other, an off duty LEO seems to forget that his duty is to break contact, not teach someone a lesson in manners. Carrying a gun in public is serious business, and screwing up with it can wreck or end your life or the lives of others. Use your head for something other than a hat rack.

In the first situation, a little canister of POM in the pocket or waistband might have been a more appropriate solution, assuming one was needed. In the latter one, if the agent had resisted the urge to make a parting remark, he might still have a career and his interlocutor might still be alive.

The "TPH" in "Walther TPH" does not stand for Tactical Professor Handgun