Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Ancient Traditions

Whatever your opinion on the archaic institution of the British monarchy, the funeral was worth watching. If you didn't, I'm sure it's on YouTube someplace.

Nobody does this kind of pomp and ceremony quite like the Brits, and they never will again. 

If you're alive and fifty or younger, it's odds on you're going to get to watch the next royal funeral and it's not going to be a patch on this one because Chuck's reign will last less than a third as long as his mum's, and the monarchy itself is a dwindling institution. If it endures, by the time they get around to planting George VII  in 2107AD or whenever, it'll probably be a thirty minute affair, not counting commercial breaks.

Anyway, if you watched it and had questions like "Are those Gurkhas? Mounties? Who are those dudes carrying what look like bowstaves*?", the Beeb has a lavishly illustrated explainer of the troops and personages marching in the procession. Granted, you'll probably still need to look up who the "Silver Stick in Waiting" is, but it's a start.

*Those are the Royal Company of Archers.