Monday, September 12, 2022

I wield incredible power, apparently.

Out in the kook-o-sphere, someone got big mad at my post yesterday afternoon, the one explaining why I hadn't gone out of my way to make a special 9/11 post.

My lack of doing so, as a matter of fact, is (and I quote) "why it will happen again". 

I had no idea that my posts here on this low-traffic D-list blog had such a powerful effect on the fabric of reality.

I got worried.

So I scrolled back through the September 11ths of the last few years on this blog, making it as far back as 2018 before I got bored. I have really been slacking off in my performative angst, because none of those years had a stock photo of the burning towers and some glurgetext.

Worse, it's been a while since I made a special post on December 7th, so I've been putting the entire Pacific Fleet in danger from the Chrysanthemum Menace with my neglect.

Meanwhile, the mad dude in question keeps calling for the disbandment or defunding of the actual agencies who really do work to prevent another 9/11. He thinks they're the "deep state"*.

It's strange out there sometimes.

*I can't remember if he thinks they were actually behind the first one or not, but the odds are at least 50/50.