Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Wanna Get Gooder at Pistol Shooting?

There's an opportunity to take Technical Handgun: Tests and Standards with John Johnston in southern Indiana later this month.

It's a really good two-day class purely focused on handgun shooting mechanics. From the class description:
This class is fast paced intermediate/advanced level 20-hour class where we will dive into the weeds on technical shooting standards, and the fundamental skills it takes to be successful performing them. The two day curriculum is heavily student driven, and will vary slightly from class to class. A heavy emphasis will be placed on pushing people to new levels of automaticity. Multiple tests and assessments will be shot, cold, for recorded score, and the class's top shot will receive a “Major Award”. Expect a SIGNIFICANT amount of one on one time.

Shooters will be expected to already be proficient with their chosen handgun and carry method at the beginning of class. This class IS NOT SUITABLE as an introduction to formal handgun training. If you have never attended a handgun shooting class, please DO NOT sign up without first speaking to the instructor.
It's evolved somewhat since I took it a few years ago. In the level of instruction, I'd say it's broadly comparable to ToddG's Aim Fast, Hit Fast class.

If you're in the Indianapolis-Louisville-Cincinnati area, here's a chance to get some quality pistol instruction without a ton of travel expenses. Sign up by clicking here -> LINKY.