Thursday, September 22, 2022

He'll yeah, borther! 'Til Van Halen!

"Mindset" and "Awareness" are two massively over- and mis-used words in tacticool land.

For starters, they aren't verbs. You can't awareness at a potential danger or mindset at a threat.

"I'm situationally aware!"

Great, that means you noticed the dude across the parking lot abruptly change the direction he was walking in reaction to your presence. That's a big pre assault indicator.

Now what?

"I've got combat mindset!"

Cool, cool...because he's got 'stick a gun in your face and demand your wallet mindset', too. What are you able to do about it?

To quote Annette Evans of On Her Own, "Awaring without skill only means you get to watch the train come at you from further away. Yay?"

The people who do well in these situations not only see the situation developing, they recognize it for what it is, have a plan to execute in that situation, and the skills available to execute the plan.

Credit where it's due, I totally stole "awareness is not a verb" from Craig Douglas.