Friday, September 02, 2022

Oh, Twitter, never change.

I do have to say that watching people who've spent the last two years buying up "Let's Go Brandon" and "#FJB" merchandise and calling so many people "communist" and "groomer" that the terms have been diluted into meaninglessness suddenly and theatrically clutch their pearls at "semi-fascist". Especially when the pearls being clutched are draped across the front of a "TRUMP 2020: FUCK YOUR FEELINGS" shirt.

Everybody all excited about Trump in 2016... "We love this guy! He fights!" whining because their fee-fees are hurt now that the guy they've been calling "PedoHitler" had the gall to punch back and be "uncivil". 

(And I agree with Matt Yglesias that the whole "Trump won because he fought back!" is largely a myth.)