Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Nature is Healing

Local fave restaurant Twenty Tap went through the Time of the 'Rona a couple years ago with a great deal of ingenuity.

They set up a bunch of outdoor dining in the parking lot two doors down that got them through the winter of '20-'21 with big heaters and even a couple of CONEX outdoor "dining pods".

Thankfully that's all over and done and it's been business as usual over there since probably the middle of last summer, except one thing...

Like every restaurant, they've been critically short-staffed, and their solution to the staffing situation was to open at 4PM on weekdays, basically just cutting out the lunch shift. 

The majority of their biz is the evening crowd anyway, and lunchtime competition here in SoBro is cutthroat. You've got a fairly small population of local office workers and work-from-home types in the neighborhood, plus a constantly fluctuating number of various trades and construction types, and that's it.

But apparently things are easing up, because my beloved "Office Away From Office" is starting up weekday lunch service again, as of today.