Thursday, November 16, 2023

Automotif CDXXXIX...

Here's a remarkably unscathed '92-'96 Buick LeSabre Custom in Dark Mahogany with all four fake alloy wheel covers matching and intact.

The seventh generation was the second iteration of FWD LeSabres, and the second-to-last one before Buick axed the nameplate after its 46th birthday in 2005.

Powered by the 170bhp pushrod GM 3800 Series I tuned-port injected V6, and sharing a basic platform with the Olds 88 and Pontiac Bonneville, the 1992 LeSabres were a curvy departure from the sharply-creased sixth generation cars.

The Olds 88's and LeSabres of this era have mostly emerged from the garages of Silent Generation and Baby Boomer oldsters and begun their gradual descent into hooptie-dom, but this one's still in Only Driven to Church on Sundays shape.