Monday, November 27, 2023

Insert modem handshake noise here.

This is your annual reminder that "Cyber Monday" is a shopping day that was only relevant back in the late Nineties. 

Back then you couldn't order from or any time from Thanksgiving day through the following Sunday without worrying about your kids picking up the phone and knocking your USRobotics 14.4k modem off your dialup AOL connection. 

So everybody would put off their online Christmas shopping until they got back to the fat pipe connection at the office on Monday morning, and do their e-commerce gift shopping while they were supposed to be working.

Now that everyone has hot and cold running broadband in their pockets 24/7, the whole idea is a little retro.

Anyway, Happy Cyber Monday to those who celebrate. There are some good deals at BezosMart on Lego sets, Kindle eReaders, security cameras, and Canon lenses.