Sunday, November 12, 2023

Automotif CDXXXVI...

The Eldorado debuted in 1953 as a sporty convertible coupe with show car styling at the pinnacle of Cadillac's lineup.

From then on, it remained as Caddy's sports-luxury coupe, and often debuted new tech for the company. The '53 had been the first Cadillac with a wraparound windshield, and the '67 Eldo was the first front-wheel drive Cad. The '76 Eldorado was the first with the fuel-injected 500, and the last Cadillac convertible until 1984.

The Eldorado in the picture, I think a '95 in Ruby Red, would be from the twelfth… and final …generation of the Eldorado. While the sportier Eldorado Touring Coupes had the 300hp version of the 4.6L 32V DOHC Northstar V8, this base model would have had the lower-revving 275-horse LD8 variation of the Northstar, with better low-RPM torque that didn't require so much pressure on the gas pedal from an orthopedic loafer to summon up. 

While 275 horsepower may not seem like a lot by modern standards, or by those of the ‘60s Muscle Car Era, the LD8 Northstar was a big bump over the ‘93 Eldo’s 4.9L pushrod L26 port fuel-injected V-8 that only put out 200hp.

The Eldorado nameplate went to that Great Country Club Parking Lot in the Sky after the 2002 model year.