Thursday, November 02, 2023

Your mission, and you should choose to accept it...

Greg Ellifritz takes a look at the current situation and offers some practical advice if you're in some entertainment district and violence erupts between some of the other attendees:
"Don’t involve yourself in this stupidity. It will only harm you in the long term. If you intervene, you will either get shot by the thugs, shot by the cops, sued by the person you shoot, or arrested. If that doesn’t happen and you make a statement to the cops you take the chance of being hunted down by the arrested party’s crew at a future date before trial.


If you are in a large public gathering and an argument breaks out, get as far away as possible. Stay far away from any of the protests in your town. If caught in a confrontation, seek cover and escape as soon as possible. Only draw your gun if your life is being directly threatened and your opportunity to escape if being actively blocked. Recognize that drawing your weapon in a situation like this will probably increase your risk of harm rather than decrease it.

Read the whole thing.

I generally avoid The Strip up in Broad Ripple in the evenings... and especially weekend evenings ...because it's way too crowded and my club kid days are more than a decade in the rearview now.

But also there's more of an edge to the altercations of late. Oh, sure, we used to be able to count on Sumdood getting affronted in the crowd outside The Vogue once every couple years and trying to settle his grudge by whipping out his popper and getting to popping, but those were very infrequent.

The frequency is increasing, though, and since Dracos, 'stendos, and switches are fashion accessories amongst the wannabe banger crowd now, there tend to be a lot more "to whom it may concern" projectiles in the air.