Monday, May 22, 2006

Bikes: Oh, not again!

So, it's bike night at CCA again tonight. A chance for me to check the tires, grab the leathers and helmet, and... it rain pitchforks and taxicabs.

How does it know?

Oh, well. They're promising me 79 degrees of sunny cloudlessness tomorrow, so I guess I'll ride then.


Anonymous said...

Heh, they're just setting you up.

On the flipside, I drove through a downpour last week to pick up my bike, and it didn't rain a drop on the ride back.

Dan said...

At least it's not 97 degrees with 75 percent humidity!

I have the comfort of knowing when I die and go to hell it will be 3 degrees cooler there than in Texas. ;^)

Anonymous said...

If I really have to say anything nice about the climate here outside of Sodom on Puget Sound, it's that we rarely get driving rainstorms here.

The last few days we've been getting those though, even having the occasional lightning and thunder, which is an extremely rare occurrence here.

I can recall 7-8 times in the last (very active) two years, and less than a half dozen times in the preceding 6-7 years. We even lost power for a few minutes a couple weekends ago.