Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Politics: Rejoice, Comrades!

The People's Soviet is contemplating further regulation of the means of production! Your relief is at hand!

I find it telling that the Congresscritters all stand up to denounce "price gouging". All solemnly agree it's a Real Bad Thing for the Little People under their care. They'll help out by proposing a law. A law that, in part, asks the Federal Trade Commission to, um, please come up with a definition of "price gouging".

Good luck with that.

Of course, in a nation of whiners who've been successfully manipulated into viewing "profit" as a dirty word and told since they were toddlers that they deserve their "fair share", "price gouging" will be defined as "anything more than I want to pay. Waaah! Mommy! They won't share!"



Abject Disappointment said...

The price of oil isn't really going up all that much. This would be obvious, if the vast majority actually had any knowledge of economics. The more money the Federal Reserve prints, the less it is worth.

Congress should be looking at our Fiat Currency instead of at the profits of the companies in question.

Of course, Pigs will fly first ... and they will recieve multiple Government Grants to do so.


theirritablearchitect said...

Every time I hear the term, "Fair Share," my brain automatically inserts those words into the form and sounds of That Bitch Named Clinton, replete with arms raised high, eyes bulging out of her head, and that shrill voice emanating those words.

It' enough to make me grind my teeth.

Steve Skubinna said...

The fact that the government pockets about four to five times the amount of money from a gallon than the company that actually produces it seems absent from accusations of gouging.

Me, I recommend that people angry at the price of gasoline simply buy their own crude and refine it themselves.

SemiPundit said...

Define price gouging.

theirritablearchitect said...


I know that some folks do this very thing, except that it is usually diesel, and they run used frying oil through the things.

Last I checked, this was not usually looked upon too well by the state in which it occured. It usually violates the law, since no taxes are being collected, and your neighbors are encouraged to snitch on you with the dubious, "Report fuel tax evasion" road sign.

I'm all for sticking to the Gummint on these kinds of things, so I'm all for your idea, don't get me wrong, but I'd wonder about the quality of the end product if I were the one refining the oil. Wouldn't want to ruin my new car.

Tam said...

semipundit sez:

"Define price gouging."

I reply:

1/10th of a cent more than you want to pay. Quick, call the FTC! We have a definition! ;)