Sunday, May 28, 2006


Light blogging today.

As wise Confucius once said, "Woman who wish to blog in morning should not sleep 'til quarter past ten."

Did you know that on this date one hundred and one years ago the Czar's navy took a one-sided pasting by the Japanese in the battle of the Straits of Tsushima?


Dr. StrangeGun said...

That wacky Czar...

Steve Skubinna said...

This time last year I was in Sasebo, and noted the profusion of "Z" flags on the streets, from which I concluded that not all aspects of Japan's Imperial military history are off limits for public acknowledgment.

Further, a small Japanese model company has been producing injection molded 1/700 scale kits of the major IJN heavy ships (battleships and armored cruisers) of that war.

Of course, around that time a large Japanese model company also produced a 1/350 scale model of Mikasa, Admiral Togos' flagship.

Which maybe means nothing, although it suggests to me that the Japanese are getting ready to discuss matters military. And with the insane North Koreans a few hundred miles away, none too soon either.