Friday, May 19, 2006

Sometimes "Whoops, sorry!" just doesn't cut it.

A screwup by civil servants leads to a dead dog and a grieving owner.

One can hope that the responsible parties will be punished and the victim will be compensated.

One can also hope for world peace and the winning Powerball numbers. :(

(H/T to Zendo Deb.)


Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that cops everywhere aren't just as prone to malpractice as they are in Central Florida, but it does seem that an inordinate number of such stories seem to emanate from The Disney Neighborhood......That said, I've lived a lot of places and I've never seen anywhere as bad for address identification as this place is.

T.Stahl said...

Somehow reminds me of an incident here in Germany: The Equvalent of a SWAT-team was executing a search warrant. They had found the right house, but instead of (probably forcefully) entering the flat of the (I think) alleged drug dealer, they entered the flat below, where his sister lived with her husband (who happened to be a police officer!).

Result: Two dead dogs, a whole lot of collateral damage in the wrong flat, people with ringing ears, and very bad PR for that state's police.

Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

All you "civilians": Hopefully none of you will shoot a K-9 partner by accident. The authorities will be unforgiving. You'll also get more media play than an average mass murderer.