Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Boomsticks: The Weekly Check on the Bias... up over at Alphecca.

My favorite knucklehead cited is Cathy Sorvo who entitled her OpEd for the Seattle Pravda "It's Time To Infringe On The Second Amendment."

See, she's an expert on the whole guns'n'violence issue because she went to high school. Or because she lived in an icky neighborhood once. Or because she's a comedian. Or because... well... frankly I can't quite figure out why she feels qualified to offer an opinion on the topic. But did she let a little thing like that stop her? Oh, heck, no... She put that word processor in four-wheel low and drove it right into the middle of the swamp.

Anyhow, go visit Jeff's site, read the weekly check, and leave him a thank you in the comments for his hard work. :)


Kevin said...

At least she's not a sitting Senator.

phlegmfatale said...

yet, kevin. Not yet. The entire US Pacific Northwest is comprised of God's little hall monitors. A liberal democrat girlfriend of mine lives in the area, and her husband is a rather prominent staffer at the Seattle PI, btw. They are very intelligent people generally, but took a heady draught of the Kool Aid. Anyway, my girlfriend is a smoker, and has to hide the fact that she smokes from her colleagues and friends, and I wonder why she and her husband don't see the flaw in a society like that? Oh, and when her son was a toddler, she had a little book for him that talked about what bad people loggers are and how they destroy all the forests of the world. *eye rolling mode on*

Anonymous said...

Umm, I'm afraid I must concur. Feel free to burn Seattle to the ground.

Just give me a little notice okay? Have to stock up on 9mm parabellum to take care of the scurrying rats that will inevitably escape into the 'burbs.

Sadly, this little moron isn't even the worst of the Times/P-I editors.

I'm surprised that you guys are shocked tho. It IS after all a stronghold of the International Workers of the World Party and the other half-dozen or so dipstick socialist offshoots.

Anonymous said...

A *book* on how bad loggers are, huh? Figures.