Friday, May 05, 2006

Politics: Sometimes the jokes write themselves...

Apparently driving talent runs in the family...
Kennedy, son of the Evel Knievel of Chappaquiddick Sen. Ted Kennedy, said Thursday he was apparently disoriented by medication when he crashed his car into a barricade on Capitol Hill.
A Kennedy? Wasted? You have got to be kidding me! The very idea is hard to comprehend. I mean, who has ever seen a member of the Kennedy clan sober publically under the influence?
Police reported seeing Kennedy's car swerve before the crash.
Wouldn't want to hit that pink elephant in the middle of the road, now, would we?
Asked if he thought he got preferential treatment, Kennedy said, "That's up for the police to decide..."
No, Congressman, you got treated just like any other schlub who gets 'faced, slams his car into a barricade, and comes staggering out of the wreckage with bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Hell, whenever I do that, the police always decline to do a roadside sobriety test and give me a courtesy ride home, too.



Anonymous said...

I believe the entire incident is being referred to as "Napp-a-Quiddick"

Ben said...

The CapPol's try to do right in the McKinney case, then stoop to this "good-ole-boy" behavior. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

He may not have been drunk. He mentioned an Ambien prescription. That particular sleep aid can be a) very addictive, and b) mind-altering as hell. I know people who have taken ambien and spent several hours up and about doing things with no memory of their actions later.

Which comes back to the fact that if you take it you don't get in your effing car and drive.

theirritablearchitect said...

Color us all surprised, a Kennedy fitshaced and behind the wheel.

BobG said...

According to this, it sounds like he was mixing alcohol and pills:

Anonymous said...

Well, let's not forget the operative context here.

This is a _Kennedy_ being asked what the _normal police operation_ is like.

Not only that, _Ted's Son_.

Now, I think it's _entirely reasonable_ that he might have a.. shall we say... non-realistic view of "normal police procedure?"

"Gee, I guess so, why, weren't they supposed to help me?"

phlegmfatale said...

Hmm... what would the police in Camelot do?

I was guest to an avid restauranteur friend last night ans she plied me with raspberry-tinis, mangotinis and appletinis, and I'm having one of those rare moments where I'm paying for it the next day, and I thought it wasn't possible for me to laugh right now, but I guffawed when I read:
"Wouldn't want to hit that pink elephant in the middle of the road, now, would we?"

You're an absolute gem.

Anonymous said...

Now the question is, where did he hide the body before he carefully staged the "accident" he doesn't remember, except that he remembers he didn't receive any SPECIAL TREATMENT!

Odds are CSI will never touch the Mustang. Now how long did it take the Washington DC Police to stumble across Chondra Levy's body?

Who is old grey and cynical.