Friday, October 06, 2006

Politics: Apparently that yankee busybody...

...thinks that anybody outside the Five Boroughs gives a flying fig about what he has to say.

Hey! Mikey Bloomberg! I know you'll find this hard to believe, but even down here in hayseed Knoxville we have our very own politicians to pester us. We didn't vote for you; you aren't our mayor, so shut up and go pester some Manhattanites.


3yellowdogs said...

Good ol' Mayor Mike isn't happy haranguing only New Yorkers about where they can smoke (no where) preventing them from owning guns. No, he evidently feels the need to be nanny to us all. Because, you know, gun control has been such a manifest success everywhere it's tried.

Well thanks, but no thanks, Mikey. Try as you might, you'll never be thought of as America's Mayor like Rudy, so please keep your failed policies and morality-legislating confined to the five boroughs that have actually saw fit to elect you.

Anonymous said...

Mickey and Tom spend a great deal of time trying to convince their constituants that all their crime problems are caused by someone else. They have most of the people there convinced that big gov't is the only thing that can protect you. The fools deserve what they elect as their mayors and representatives.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll be more than willing to lead by example and disarm their guards.

Bloomberg strikes me as a guy that's never had his ass beat like he needs.

Tennessee Budd said...

We started a revolution in 1861 to get away from those people. Pity it failed.
The best way to snuff out gun crime is to snuff the goblin.

Chuck@PodunkOutpost said...

From "Mayors vow to snuff out gun crime" I read

Gun violence has dominated the headlines after a man armed with three guns and 600 rounds of ammunition burst into an Amish school in Pennsylvania on Tuesday and killed five girls, the third deadly school shooting in a week. (Full story)

"More than 100 mayors across the country have stood up to say, 'Enough is enough -- illegal guns don't belong in our streets,' " Bloomberg told a news conference in Boston.

I hate to pick a nit with a tragedy, but I don't recall any demonstration that the weapons involved were prohibited or possessed illegally.

Anonymous said...

So why is it that Bill Haslam, mayor of my once-and-future beloved home, has joined up with Bloomberg??

I've written Hizzoner advising him of my feelings on the matter, hope you'll bring Mr. Haslam some perspective as well: