Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blog Stuff: Today's Googlery...

From Lambeth, London: "Book are window on the past"

They can be, although those that are a window on the future tend to be more entertaining, on the whole.

From Mesa, Arizona: "can i keep a loaded gun in my car"

In Arizona? Probably. (...and just because you're home alone at quarter to one in the morning doesn't mean the shift key is optional, Sparky. Proper capitalization and punctuation make the Grammar Demons happy, and keep them from eating your spleen.)

From El Paso, Texas: "most expensive m1911 handgun"

The one with a botched trigger job that suffers a mechanical failure and puts a slug through the radiator of your neighbor's SL55 AMG.


Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


I have lurked on your blog for sometime . . . but today you really made me laugh with this post. I love the comment on the grammar demon. Well done indeed.

Anonymous said...

"Book are window"? Shouldn't that be Books plural?