Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mullah threatens forcefulness and organization. Plus more terror.

"God willing, in the coming months the war will become many times more forceful and organized," the statement attributed to Omar said.
Jeez, buddy, you always say that.

I did note that the reward on the guy is up to ten million bucks. That's a very American way to pursue things, vis a vis the last guys that were the visiting team at Kabul Field.

When the KGB interrogator says "Tell us where Omar is, or we'll cut off your fingers!" the prisoner can always bow up and get heroic, since he knows that the Commies are going to kill him anyway. When the CIA guy says "Tell us where Omar is, and we'll give you $10,000,000, and a plane ticket to America," admit it: You'd fink on your own Mom for that.

Well, maybe not ten million. Twelve million, though, and I'll not only tell you where she's hiding, I'll lead you there myself.

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