Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blog Stuff: Additions to the blogroll...

All of me here at VFTP Command Central would like to welcome two new additions to the blogroll. First up would be my friend Matt G at his online digs, Better And Better. I've been knowing Matt for better than half a decade through various online bulletin boards, and have even been fortunate enough to have gone deer hunting with him. (You'll note I said hunting and not shooting, though it weren't for lack of "want to".) He's a thoughtful and intelligent guy; I think you'll enjoy his stuff.

Also freshly added is the famous Bruce of mAss Backwards. I've only recently taken to reading him on anything like a regular basis, but the amazing tenacity of this guy fighting the good fight trapped behind the lines in Kennedy Country deserves at least a tip of the hat, if not an airdrop of supplies.


Joe said...

mAssbackwards was the first blog I found on the 'Net. I read thru all of his archives and then found Kim's next. Yours was #3 - I thought " Books,Bikes,and Boomsticks" was an interesting slogan on Kim's " Token Chick Blogs " header to click on.

Bruce pretty much sums up what happens to us gunowners in Mass. It's almost sad to read some of what he says because I've seen it too here and know that there isn't a way of getting it changed. Even if all the gunowners in Mass. voted as a solid group, we would still have a hard time getting the right people elected because of the lack of numbers. Bruce's blog is a good one to look at to keep track of the stupidity the Libs do.

Les Jones said...

Bruce is an under-appreciated blogger and humorist.