Saturday, October 21, 2006

Boomsticks: It's about time...

I've finally decided to suck it up and start acquiring the For Collectors Only series of books on old military rifles, which is something I'd been putting off. The Big Brown Truck Of Happiness pulled up yesterday afternoon and disgorged its contents: copies of The Mosin-Nagant Rifle, Swiss Magazine Loading Rifles 1869 to 1958, and Mauser Military Rifle Markings.

With a Vetterli, a Schmidt, and three Mosins (Russian, Hungarian, and Finnish) to interrogate, I should have enough detective work to keep me going for a while.

Oh, and a bleg: Anybody know what the going tariff on an Imperial M1891 Mosin (preferrably w/no import marks) is these days? Anybody know where there's one for sale?

(EDIT: Cool! I finally got a date on my M96/11 Schmidt! It came out of Waffenfabrik, Bern in 1900. :) )


Anonymous said...

Try J&G Sales.

Tam said...

J&G seems to be all newly imported stuff.

Pretty muche every Mosin coming into the country is a round-receiver gun, and the octagonal ones are all covered in commie markings. I'm hoping to add an honest-to-Ivan M1891 (not 91/30) still in Imperial livery to the collection.

Anonymous said...

I lucked out with my "91" as it was a "add on" (How much to add on that old Mosin-Nagant?" "The what?").

It added $50 to the price of my M6 Scout and is a Tula Imperial stamped 1893. It actualy balances better than any of my other Mosins and is much more accurate than I am ;-)

Now, I need to find a 91/59.


Anonymous said...

One point to note about the Moisin Nagant. It was once issued to US soldiers, who were sent to secure ammunition stores at Vladivostok and Murmansk from the Communists allied with the Imperial German government.

The US soldiers conducted an astounding offensive from Murmansk, south, and from the port of Vladivostok, west. The US soldiers were equipped with Moisins because they were securing standard Russian three line (7.62X54R) ammunition (made in USA under contract), so using a rifle that fired that ammuniton make logistics sense.

Heartless Libertarian said...

Swing by THR and ask Cosmoline if he remembers how much he sold me one of his for. (I go by Langenator on there.)

It's a 1916 "Tula Arsenal of Peter the Great." Don't remember any Commie markers, but I didn't look for import marks.

Kristopher said...

Too bad about the Schmidt ... it missed being a paperworkless Antique by two years.

english kanigit said...

Tam, what sort of Finn Mosin have you got?

english kanigit

staghounds said...

Send me an email, I have an octagonal Remington.

staghounds at

staghounds said...

Send me an email, I have an octagonal Remington.

staghounds at