Sunday, October 01, 2006

Boomsticks: The Sistema Diaries, Volume II.

Sorry about the substandard gun pr0n, but it's oh-dark-thirty hours here and available light photography ain't in the cards today; gotta jet to the shop in a moment to handle some maintenance stuff.

Anyhow, here's how Project Sistema is shaping up:

Take one Sistema...

Parts I already had on hand: Dlask trigger, ParaOrd thumb safety, Wolff 16.5# recoil spring and firing pin spring, cocobolo grip panels from Springfield Pro, grip screws.

Stuff I'd bought: Ed Brown stainless rebuild kit (all pins and small springs), Ed Brown tactical mag catch, Wilson stainless checkered flat mainspring housing (I prefer an Ed Brown or an S&A, but the wholesaler I use was out of the former, and doesn't carry the latter; I'll pick one up later).

Just Added: Cylinder & Slide "Warp Speed" lockwork. Trigger pull is now a crisp 3-3.5 pounds.

I've pretty much reached the limit of what I can do unsupervised, as a lot of the work coming up will involve metalwork. Next up is lowering & flaring the ejection port, some Novak sight cuts, and rounding the tang off the grip safety a la a ParaOrd Tac Four.


Anonymous said...

Interesting concept using a C&S Warp Speed hammer and milling the grip safety like Para does on some LDAs.

Looking forward to see what other parts are going to be replaced and the choice for a finish.

pdb said...

Aaaah, Bushido Blade 2! The thinking person's Soul Calibur!

I like the way this project is going. I've been curious about the 'no-tail' 1911s ever since I saw one of the Gunsite Jeff Cooper models at a funshow a whiles back.

Are you planning on upgrading the sights as well?


Anonymous said...

Rounding off the grip safety tang does lokk interesting as I've never handled/shot a 1911 like that.
I might like it as I can't stand the "bevertail" type safety.


Xavier said...

Rounding off the rear is something I have always wanted to do. I guess I am just waiting until I booger up a beavertail....

Keep in mind the purpose of your pistol, regardless of why you are building it. Each change should support the pistol's reason for customization. Customization should never be an end in itself. Form should always follow function.

You're going to love this pistol!

Now....a humble suggestion for your Sistema.......Bar-Sto.

Porta's Cat said...

I used to love Descent. The soundtrack on it was also awesome.

Seems like I played it on a 166 MhZ pentium, too...

Those were the days.

Dr. StrangeGun said...

It'll be a Manx 1911.

cleanhead said...

Truly a venerable example of the old warhorse, or whatever.

Mr. Fixit said...

Curious, have you done any more with your Sistema? How's it coming? You left a comment on my blog when I posted about my upcoming Sistema project. Mine is now underway.

If you get a chance, and care to take a look, I'd be curious as to what you think about it.

Mr Fixit